Venus Lash & Brow Academy

Eye Lash Course

Eyelash Extension Training

Study of Skin – Hybrid Learning (210 Hours / 380 Hours on practical)

What Will You Learn -

“Unlock Your Beauty Potential with Our Esthetician Course!

Esthetician Course

Discover the secrets to glowing, healthy skin with our comprehensive facial course. Learn techniques to cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate the skin, leaving your clients feeling refreshed and radiant.

Esthetician Course
Lash Lifts & Tints

Elevate your clients’ natural beauty with our lash lift and tint course. Master the art of enhancing lashes to create a stunning, wide-eyed look that lasts, giving your clients confidence with every blink.

Esthetician Course
Full-body Waxing

Learn the art of smooth, hair-free skin with our full-body waxing course. From brows to toes, master the techniques and gain the confidence to provide efficient and comfortable waxing services, leaving your clients feeling silky-smooth and satisfied.

Esthetician Course
Brow Lamination

Define and shape eyebrows like never before with our brow lamination course. Learn how to achieve perfectly groomed brows that stay in place, enhancing your clients’ facial features and leaving a lasting impression.

Esthetician Course
Application of Makeup

Unleash your creativity and talent with our makeup application course. From everyday looks to glamorous transformations, master the techniques to enhance natural beauty and create flawless makeup looks for any occasion.

Esthetician Course
Facial Peels

Renew and revitalize skin with our facial peel course. Discover the transformative power of chemical exfoliation, addressing various skin concerns to achieve a smoother, more youthful complexion for your clients.

Esthetician Course
Levels of Makeup Application

Dive into the world of hair coloring with our specialized course. From vibrant hues to subtle highlights, unlock the skills to create stunning and personalized looks that reflect your clients’ unique style and personality

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